Hello again…

There has been snow reported over the last two weekends however it had mostly melted below 1200 metres elevation. Unfortunately, this revealed extensive damage to the Strategic Fuel Break and Reserved Crown land areas along Warburton-Woods Point Road and Nine Mile Road through to the Marysville, Woods Point Road and Reefton Junction. The damage appears to be the result of off-road driving on the public land, including areas from Mount Selma through to Mount Skene.

Strategic fuel breaks crisscross the alpine region and are designed to protect against and slow fire damage to dwellings in the area as well as the forest catchments that feed the Thomson Dam. This dam supplies a large portion of Melbourne’s drinking water.

We know that the majority of the community are doing the right thing by driving on the formed roads in State Forest areas however there is a minority who think they can flout the rules. Our message to those people is simple; don’t even think about it.

Victoria Police will continue to patrol these areas and we will do absolutely everything in our power to provide a safe environment for our community, holding offenders to account and ensuring the integrity of our Strategic Fuel Breaks and Reserved Crown land.

If you witness any anti-social behaviour, please make a report to your local police station, or contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. If you capture dash cam footage, this would be most valuable in helping to secure convictions.

The photos are of the Matlock area. There are much worse areas of damage along this road and it’s increasing as Winter goes on.

Stay safe out there and do the right thing so we can all enjoy the Victorian High Country.