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The VKS-737 Radio Network was established for 'outback' travellers who are in distress by providing them with emergency assistance and support in co-operation with other organisations.

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Your donation to VKS-737 Radio Network will be used within Australia to help provide and support emergency high frequency radio communication and safety services to people who live, work or travel in rural and remote areas of Australia.

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You can make a real difference by volunteering your time in a variety of ways. Please contact us to discuss how you can help.



Established in 1993, the network is managed by Administration Staff , Committee Members and volunteers including Message Coordinator, Base Station Operators and Show Representatives.

We are licenced by the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) and subscribers must  comply with all provisions of the Radiocommunications Act 1992.


To provide emergency and general radio communications assistance services to people who live, work or travel in rural and remote areas of Australia, and to be the pre-eminent provider of high frequency radio communications services throughout rural and remote areas of Australia.


The VKS-737 Radio Network is a Public Benevolent Institution. The Network maintains a database containing all user details. Apart from the Name, Callsign and Selcall entries, information in the database is confidential.


The VKS-737 Radio Network is wholly owned by the Australian National 4WD Radio Network Inc. and is neither a part of, nor associated with, the Australian HF Touring Club, or the AussieHF Club

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