New low cost Selcall option for older (non-selcall equipped) HF radios

Outside VKS-737 base station regular voice schedule times our bases automatically scan a number of frequencies, listening only for selcalls. They do not respond to normal voice traffic as no operator is listening. VKS-737 Radio Network subscribers who use older style non-selcall equipped HF radios have been restricted to contacting VKS-737 base stations during regular voice skeds when an operator is taking calls.

Non VKS-737 subscribers who hold Outpost Mobile Licences could previously call into the RFDS bases in Queensland and Western Australia, using the Emergency Call Alarm (Red Button). Since October 2011 however, this method of calling has not been available as the new equipment installed and operated by VKS-737 at these bases only accepts calls by selcall.

While the majority of older radios still perform extremely well the cost of retrofitting a selcall option or adding an external selcall microphone is generally prohibitive. In many cases users find that they can purchase a second-hand radio for not much more than the cost of adding selcall facilities to their existing radio.

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