New VKS-737 Satellite Telephone Service

Since 1993 the VKS-737 Radio Network has provided Emergency and General Radio communications services to travellers with HF radios; over the past few years we have had many requests to extend this service to those who only have satellite telephones (satphones).
Satphone users can now ring an unlisted number; your call will be directed to a pool of operators and will be answered by the first available operator.

Callers can use the service to log in their position details etc. similar to logging into a sked via HF, or they can use the service to request emergency assistance. Calls to operators will be logged into our V-Rep Logging System in the same manner as if the call was received by HF.
During emergency calls, callers have the option of remaining connected to the operator while assistance is being sourced, or alternatively they can call the operator back at a specified time to track the progress of the assistance request.

Further information on the new service can be obtained by contacting VKS-737 Head Office during SA business hours on (08) 7325 2600 or by email to

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