The VKS-737 Radio Network changes its Voice Sked times in line with the end of Daylight Savings Time in those states affected by it. This is due to happen on the first Sunday in April.

While we will still change to our Winter Schedule as listed on Page 12 of our Reference Manual (the little Brown Book) none of the Voice Skeds will run for longer than about half an hour. The Voice Skeds will start at the normal starting times as listed in the Resource Manual on Page 12. You will need to call in during the first half hour.

A modified Winter (Covid-19) Voice Sked Schedule is now available for download from the SUBSCRIBERS section of our website.

The VKS-737 Radio Network will continue to support our Subscribers through these difficult times. Even if you’re not travelling as usual, perhaps give our operators a call from time to time and let them know how you are managing.
We love having people to talk with. Perhaps you can share your experiences with others on the air. How about it?