Following the end of Daylight Savings in those states affected by it, we are now operating our Winter Schedule.

What does it mean?

Basically, nothing! Only change is that in NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia everything starts an hour earlier and this will continue till the first Sunday in October.
Do you have the latest Voice Schedule?

Log into our website, using your call sign and password. Don’t know your password? Use the contact form to request a new password. When you’re in, hover over the word ‘Subscribers’ and go down to ‘User Forms.’ The current Winter and Summer Schedules are in there. Save them, print them and stick them into your Reference Manual (the little brown book).

Haven’t called in for a while? Remember that our dedicated operators are listening for your call, every day of the year. Let them know what you are doing. When travelling, call in regularly with your movements. We’re here to support you so take advantage of the service.

Early mornings never deterred Bart. He he is wearing his tea cosy while taking calls